• Chili Bowl

    School House of Chili Bread Bowl

    Bottom + Chili + Side

    • California Chili


      Fresh green peppers, healthy chunks of all white chicken breast, black and red beans. (goes well over anything)

    • White Chicken Chili


      Out of this world thick and creamy white bean chili with chunks of all white chicken breast, accompanied by smooth cheddar cheese with a slight kick of pepper jack. (goes well over rice)

    • Cincinnati Chili


      Out twist on a classic dish. Ground beef seasoned to perfection with a hit of cinnamon. (goes well over pasta)

    • Tail Gate Chili


      Imagine a picture perfect bowl of chili garnished with your toppings of choice. We combine generous chunks of brisket, ground turkey, and bacon accompanied by black beans and elbow macaroni. This hardy chili has an awesome blast of flavor. (goes well over Mac-N-Cheese)

    • Spicy Chili


      If you like a little kick in your life, you will love this chili! It is very traditional chili consisting of ground beef, beans, chili peppers, with a tomato base. (goes well over anything)

    • Vegetarian Chili


      Tomato based with black beans, sweet potatoes, and various other vegetables.

    • Old School Chili


      Traditional chili incorporating ground beef, ground sausage, diced tomatoes, chopped onions, kidney beans, and a special blend of spices.

  • Straight Bowl of Chili

    • Bowl of Chili

      $4.86 – $6.99School House of Chili Chlirito

  • Chilirito

    Chilirito is our new way to have your favorite chili on a flour tortilla.

    • Chilirito


  • Nachos

    • NachosSchool House of Chili Nachos


      A large platter of nacho chips with cheese and toppings sprinkled over top (choose any chili off the menu)

  • Dogs

    • Small Chili Dog


      1/8 lb

    • Large Chili Dog

      School House of Chili Hot Dog


      1/4 lb

    • Chicago Dog


    • Plain Hot Dog


  • Sandwiches

    • Peanut-Butter Sandwich


    • Peanut-Butter & Jelly Sandwich


    • Ham & Cheese Sandwich


  • Sides & Salads

    • Mac-n-Cheese


    • Salad


  • Dessert

    School House of Chili Brownie

    • Brownies


  • Drinks

    • Soft Drink

      $1.40 – $1.75


    • Golden Peak Ice Tea

      $1.40 – $1.75


Our Staff is Committed to Bring You The Best Tasting Chili and Sides EVER!


School House of Chili Staff